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Strategic planning

Evaluating business and brand positioning, defining value propositions and competitor status is an essential start to any marketing process. Depending on the complexity of the client's business, the nature of the market category and the budget, this can be accomplished in one of several ways.

It may involve discussions with management and/or staff and especially where we have prior working of the category, it can frequently be achieved quickly and at little or no cost.

In more complex situations, discussions with suppliers, customers and associates may be needed to create a more comprehensive framework of stakeholder attitudes and information-needs.

When there are significant cause and effect issues, we may communicate with research and/or other agencies as a prelude to constructing a detailed information map.

Marketing tools

Based upon the marketing communications strategy, we will generally develop an object library comprising the basic elements that will be available as the source of all marketing components. The values of this approach are consistency, efficiency and reduced development time and cost.

These objects might consist of pictures, charts, graphs, blocks of text, logos and so on. Each can then be inserted, adapted, resized etc to suit the application

Examples include advertsiments, point-of-sale material, product selection charts. promotional literature, the website, Blogs, newsletters and more. Across a broad base of categories, ASPAC has assisted clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

Website development

We do produce websites that comply with all current standards, including responsive design but we are Information Management Specialists and not merely web designers.

Web designers love to create great graphics. So do we, but embracing the fundamentals of effective content, intuitive navigation are where we make a difference. We believe that a website should not be just an electronic brochure. It should permit users to drill down from the general to the particular. It should provide the essential information that potential customers need from a supplier whose values they can trust.

We ensure that your website will work effectively as your primary tool for building business relationships and communicating your values and done in a style that is informative, interesting, accurate and focussed on your target market.

Content development

For the reasons explained on our HOME PAGE, we have created a specialised business unit focussed exclusively on content development Of course, that integrates with other ASPAC services, utilising all of the processes and techniques outlined above. See for more information.

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