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# Graeme Cooper Land Rover
# SAILTECH Sailmakers
# RAGE Audio (Site currently under development)
# Abercrombie River Burls
# Competi
# Content Wizards


Articles on Marketing topics by ASPAC Consulting

The following articles provide further information on many fundamentals of marketing content development

# The science and art of content development
# Sales vs marketing roles in the online world
# Website Design Criteria 
# Information as marketing content 
# Creating marketing content 

The following articles are available at:

# Should resellers control your marketing

# The importance of "strategic products" in your portfolio

# How to lose a customer in 3 easy steps

# Better ways for sellers to prevent use of stolen cards

# The decision making process in large organizations

# The case for professional content creation

# Your Business Stakeholders - More Than You Might Think

# The barriers to effective workplace communication 

# A Picture Is Not Always Worth a Thousand Words

# Promotional Strategy - The Good, the Bad and the Foolish

# Traditional Sales Techniques for an Online World

# The Difference Between Data and Meaningful Information

# Objects and Object Libraries - The Marketing Approach

# Getting Best Value From Intellectual Property

# Target Marketing - Art or Science?

# Just Who Are Your Competitors?

# Value Propositions - "Show Me the Reason Why" (See more about this on https"//

# Marketing - One of the Most Misunderstood Business Concepts

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