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What ASPAC does for its clients

Since 2004 ASPAC Consulting has remained focused on strategic planning, market/brand positioning and benefit communication. Services include content development , promotion and point-of-sale materials. Today, virtually all of our work is done online and/or by phone and this makes the entire processs simpler and less costly than most comparable methods.

Our first task is usually to question and evaluate how realistic our client's VALUE PROPOSITIONS are, relative to each element of the target market(s). This establishes what information must be communicated, how it should be expressed and structured. The needs and mindset of each will almost certainly vary, so our job is to evaluate the relevance of the information, modify, enhance and develop it accordingly.

We routinely create a "relationship" map that links the needs of the target audience with relevant solutions. The first step s to identify the various stakeholders and renk them in order of importance. The table below is a simplistic version - there is abundant information on the Internet about this topic:

stakeholder chart

ASPAC principals have worked in FMCG, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries. hardware, pipelines, industrial tools, welding, adhesives, audio equipment, automotive and marine categories, so we bring a wealth of knowledge that is a major factor in generating results for our clients. Another key factor is our skill in writing and developing the text, diagrams and images that communicate effectively.

Our work is usually formalised in a "scope of work" that defines the methodology, time frame and costs.

As the process evolves, the client will be consulted on all recommendations prior to implementation. The actual process may cover many aspects of the marketing mix and depending on what already exists, will potentially include development and/or modification of website content, product selection guides. performance comparisons, POS material, trade and end-user communications and promotion materials.

The ASPAC role in developing purchase decisions

Marketing has never been so complex. Today it is not just a matter of having better products and services than our competitors or even securing effective availability via distributors and/or resellers. The Internet has completely changed the essence of marketing, further complicated by the health and financial constraints imposed by the COVID19 crisis and the effects of global warming on supply chain issues. Even if the customer wishes to physically travel to a bricks-and-mortar outlet, there is no guarantee that any guidance provided there will be accurate and tailored to the buyer's needs. Increasingly, all of the fundamental issues like recommendations, specifications, availability and even prices will probably have been investigated by the buyer in advance and the purchase decision will mostly have been made.

Our role is to challenge the logic and effectiveness of the steps taken to help the prospective buyers arrive at a purchase decision and provide clear and actionable solutions to get them there. Our core strength lies in our understanding of how stakeholders think and how they will react to the messages and value propositions communicated to them. We provide explicit and actionable solutions to achieve this.

Content is critical

Mostly, it will be a combination of how information is structured and the quality of message content that are most critical. Content must be written and illustrated in a style and format that resonates with the characteristics and mindset of the target market .

The structure must present the information in a logical manner, inviting the user to "drill down" from the initial attention-grabbing statement of benefits to greater detail and a call to action. Techniques will vary according to the market category and user profiles, but page text, illustrations, links to resources, a blog and/or a newsletter will all contribute to the effectiveness of communication.

We provide a specialist content-creation service through CONTENTWIZARDS. Author Alan Loveard is an EZINES platinum author




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