Are you really communicating your values effectively?

Engaging a web designer to create a website OR if the business is relatively small, doing the work yourself using one of the many excellent online packages solves most of the layout, graphics and search optimisation including creation of mobile-responsive sites, key word selection, image click-throughs and other coding issues.

The problem with both approaches is essentially the same. Whether you use a web designer OR do the work in-house, the results will probably only define and communicate information from your point of view. Also, are you identifying the benefits to viewers in terms to which they will immediately relate?

While important to create appeal, the graphics and cute visual tricks alone simply are not enough. It is the factors outlined above that will ultimately make or break the usefulness of the site to viewers.

Your website is your primary information tool

Website content developed "in-house" may not be as effective as many business managers believe. The ability to define and communicate your VALUE PROPOSITIONS to potential buyers is not a job to be taken lightly. It requires far more than design skills because it is what you have to say, how you say it and how the information is structured and presented that matter far more than the design elements. Think of this as the underlying communication strategy. Although the business principal's guidance is critical, best results occur from also canvassing the views of various stakeholders.

From this, it becomes clear what information is relevant and how that information needs to be structured. Because your information sources probably consist of text, images, charts, graphs videos etc ASPAC invariably begins the process by assembllng existing and newly-created material into a comprehensive "object library" that is the basis for all marketing materials. This approach keeps everything in line with the strategy. It also prevents "DIY" versions from being created throughout your business that may or may not be accurate and may differ from the way your business and services need to be perceived.

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ASPAC principal Alan Loveard has, over the past 20 years, provided consulting and related services
to many market-leading companies, as well as numerous medium and small businesses


Why use our services?

ASPAC Consulting is an experienced Marketing Consultant service, covering all aspects of strategic planning, information content development and communication. Because our principals have worked in FMCG, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries. hardware, pipelines, industrial tools, welding, adhesives, audio equipment, automotive and marine categories, we bring a wealth of knowledge that is a major factor in developing effective communication outcomes for our clients.

Our speciality is the ability to apply our knowledge and experience to review the characteristics and needs of your stakeholders, then prepare and present the information in the best possible way to communicate your values effectively and immediately. To achieve this, we deploy a combination of broad business marketing experience, superior writing ability and expertise in information management/content development.

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